Dr. Jay J.Kopf

Our Advanced Technology

Our office uses digital x-rays, which help our clinicians see things that conventional x-rays could not show.

Dr. Jay J.Kopf

Our Advanced Technology

Our office uses digital x-rays, which help our clinicians see things that conventional x-rays could not show.


Digital X-rays

This means areas of concern can be detected much earlier before issues may arise. There are many benefits to digital x-rays including:

  • Use 70% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, which makes them much safer
  • Higher quality viewing capabilities than traditional film x-ray
  • Take less time to take with no developing time
  • Comfortable design that helps in taking the pain out of taking dental x-rays (No more sharp edges that can injure the inside of your mouth!)
  • Less time in the chair for patients
  • Images can be easily stored on a computer
  • Can be easily sent to your dentist or orthodontist when needed
  • Are more environmentally friendly than conventional x-rays

CS 9600 system

3D Dental Scans

In our ongoing effort to provide the best dental care possible for our patients, we offer advanced 3D imaging technology to complement our state-of-the art endodontic treatments.

The CS 9600 system features breakthrough innovations that enable us to scan our patients quickly, accurately and comfortably. We can obtain the 2D and 3D images we need in our office—without referring patients to outside imaging centers. This translates into fewer visits and faster treatment.

We follow every precaution to minimize patient exposure to radiation whenever we obtain images for diagnosis and treatment. The CS 9600 addresses this issue and strictly adheres to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle. The system’s high-power generator allows us to acquire high-quality images at a lower dose to the patient than other imaging systems. The system also allows us to target the exact area for exposure so that other tissues around the mouth will not be unnecessarily irradiated—which is another way the system limits the patient’s radiation exposure.

The CS 9600 features one of the highest 2D and 3D image resolutions available, which provides us with an unprecedented level of anatomical insight and enables us to diagnose more confidently. The sharp, highly detailed and contrasted images provide patients with a unique view of their dental structures and helps them see exactly what Dr. Kopf sees.

Less radiation

Benefits of our 3D imaging system

Highlights and benefits of our 3D imaging system include:

  • State-of-the-art 2D and 3D images – Dr. Kopf can capture virtually any image necessary for a diagnosis—without sending patients to an outside imaging center
  • Less radiation – patient health and safety are our greatest concernComfortable positioning – the system’s open design makes exams more comfortable, with both seated1 and standing options to accommodate patients of all sizes and abilities
  • Enhanced care – Dr. Kopf can create and demonstrate a comprehensive plan that clearly explains the diagnosis and treatment process

Better visualization with less pain

Dental Microscope

Our office uses a dental microscope to ensure the best outcomes for your root canal therapy. By using a dental microscope, Dr. Kopf can see the tiniest details with the use of the high magnification and take the necessary steps to produce the best results.

Some of the benefits of using a dental microscope for root canals are:

  • Better visualization with less pain. Many times, dental appliances that are used to enhance visibility can cause pain or discomfort. This is not the case with the dental microscope! The dental microscope is easily slid over the patient’s mouth and used to increase lighting using an LED light while also providing greater magnification.  Patients won’t even be able to tell that the microscope is in place as it causes no unnecessary problems at all
  • Higher success rate. Thanks to the dental microscope, root canals are becoming more successful than ever before with fewer problems associated with the procedure. The microscope makes it possible for endodontists to properly locate and remove the tooth’s nerve, doing away with the need to dig for it or do damage to the tooth itself.   This lowers discomfort and reduces the risk of complications.
  • Better Diagnostics. The magnification with the microscope supports the highest caliber oral exams and treatment. With better diagnosis treatment outcomes are always more successful.
  • Patient comfort. Patients often do not have to open as wide, and treatment time is usually less due to the improved visualization. If you don’t have to open as wide, it can mean less stress on your jaw joint (TMJ).

We are here to provide remarkable care for every patient at every visit. If you have any questions regarding the technologies we use in our practice, please contact us.