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Dr. Jay J.Kopf

Dr. Jay J. Kopf is an endodontist in Miami Beach, Florida.

Dr. Jay J. Kopf is one of the top endodontists in Miami Beach, Florida. He specializes in endodontics, which is the practice of diagnosing tooth pain, and treating tooth infections with root canal therapy. He focuses on treating the internal tooth structures to cure tooth infections and get patients out of pain. If you are experiencing any tooth pain, or sensitivity to hot or cold, then you should make an appointment with Dr. Kopf. If your dentist has told that you may need a root canal call our office. He can help.

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Dr. Jay J. Kopf is one of the most respected and well-known endodontists in the Miami Beach area. He has been in endodontic practice for over 26 years and is an active member of the following professional dental associations:
• American Association of Endodontists
• South Florida District Dental Society
• Florida Dental Association
• North Dade/Miami Beach Dental Society, where he also served as president