Dr. Jay J.Kopf

Home Care Instructions After Your Procedure

See what to do at home after the procedure.

Fast recovery

Follow these instructions for a prompt recovery after your procedure:

Remember, that after most dental treatments you may be sensitive or tender to the touch, or when biting and chewing. This is especially the case the after your root canal treatment and may last for several days after treatment. We recommended that you do not do any excessive chewing force on the side where the procedure was done during this time. We also recommend that you limit your physical activity following the procedure. Discomfort will usually diminish gradually over the few days following your procedure, however, in rare occasions it may last a few weeks.


Below are some of the symptoms you may feel during the recovery process:

Sometimes you may experience throbbing after a dental procedure. If you experience this, try to keep your head elevated, even when lying down, and minimize any physical activity.

If your tooth is tender following a root canal procedure make sure to take the pain medication we prescribed. We will typically recommend an anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, or aspirin to take for three to five days following your procedure. If you cannot take any of these anti-inflammatory medications, then you can take Tylenol Extra Strength. If you are still experiencing pain after taking the prescribed medications, please call our office. We also, recommend that you use warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt to one cup of warm water) soaks in the affected area, as warm as you can tolerate it. Do this at least two to three times a day for 5 minutes at a time. This will help relieving the discomfort and swelling.

You may experience swelling and bruising following endodontic treatment. In order to minimize swelling, we recommend that you use an ice pack on the face, over the operated area. You can use the ice pack for 20 minutes over the operated area, and 20 minutes off. Ice will be help only the first and second day following a procedure.

On occasion, you may have some slight bleeding from root canal treatment. This is normal particularly the first couple of days after the procedure. If you experience heavy bleeding, please call our office.

This may happen in rare occasions. If you initially feel better, the pain is diminishing gradually, and are making progress, then get considerably worse two or three days after treatment then call our office. You may be undergoing what is known as a “post endodontic flare-up.” You may be prescribed antibiotics, stronger pain medication, or a steroid. You may need come in to receive further therapy.

Yes, you can brush your teeth gently. Make sure to be particularly careful and gentle when brushing the surgical area. We do not want you to do any heavy rinsing with mouthwash the first day. You may start to use mouth wash and rinsing gently starting on the second day after your procedure.

It is important to consume nourishing foods after your procedure to support the healing process. Avoid foods that require heavy chewing for the for the first few days. We recommend eggs, soups, milk shakes, yogurt, etc. Avoid foods that are grainy or coarse as these can easily get in and become lodged in the surgical site. Foods to avoid during the initial healing process are crackers, chips, pretzels, nuts, seeds, etc.